In-Person Programs

1-on-1 Personal Training / Couples Training


If you are local to the NKY/Cincinnati area and have never stepped foot in a gym before or want personalized coaching, then 1-on-1 personal training/couples training is the best option for you. During our 60-minute training sessions you will receive a varied and customized training plan that is designed to fit you and your specific goals. 

Semi-Private Group Training


If you are looking for a budget-friendly training option or if you're looking to workout with a few new friends, then Semi-Private Personal Training is right up your alley. During this time, you'll perform similar workouts as my 1-on-1 clients alongside 3-4 other individuals. These group sessions are small enough that you will still receive individualized attention but at a fraction of the cost—and it comes with a built-in support system!