Semi-private group training


Space is limited to 5 individuals per class so don't wait! 



Located in Ludlow KY, my semi-private group training sessions incorporate a variety of metabolic strength and conditioning movements and at an affordable price. These sessions are an excellent way to meet new people with similar goals!


In each of these 60-minute sessions, you will work with me (a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach) and a small group of 2-4 others. I will demonstrate and instruct exercise progressions and regressions to ensure each person in the class is successful in performing each movement and feels confident using a variety of equipment. These sessions were built to help you achieve your physical goals and build your confidence both in and outside the gym. 



Semi-private group training FAQ:

What are the benefits of semi-private group sessions? 
According to the IDEA Fitness Programs and Trends Report, Small Group Training (SGT) is ranked as one of the top 10 personal training trends. This option provides a plethora of benefits to both the trainer and client. Here are a few:

  1. Personal Training at a reduced cost: You get a structured routine at a more affordable cost to 1-on-1 personal training, all while having fun and learning proper movement patterns.
  2. Motivation: If you typically train solo, you will see that sometimes you cut corners, take frequent and more prolonged rest breaks, perform at a lower intensity and so forth. With semi-private group training, all of that is eliminated! 
  3. Tribal unity: If you continue classes on a regular basis you will quickly find yourself becoming apart of a team and developing new friendships. This is a group that will offer positive energy, motivation and help you continue to pursue your fitness milestones. 
  4. FUN!: We all love to have fun, right? When you have a small group of 4–5 individuals, there are bound to be some jokes and stories told. Plus, you are motivated to finish strong when you have a group of individuals.
  5. Great for both inexperienced and experienced individuals: Semi-private group training is excellent for both the beginner and advanced fitness enthusiast. Throw in a timed workout and allow each to finish as many reps as they can physically perform in 30 to 40-seconds at their own pace. You then have both individuals offering tips and motivation to one another.
  6. Support & accountability: This just might be the tool you need to get you on the fast track to a healthier you and stick with it! We all know that eating healthy and exercising can be extremely difficult when it comes to persistence. If and when you need that support, you have both your team and your trainer right there to help you through the hard times.
  7. A better YOU: Last, but not least. As semi-private personal training offers an additional means of staying physically active, you will notice that all of the benefits as mentioned above will allow you to #beYOURbest. That team unity and support system will let you push through those hard times of trying to eat healthy, lose weight, burnout or even eradicating a bad habit. We all have our own experiences, and those personal experiences will help others. If it is your first time, your personal experience will help someone else.
  8. A workout for all: Whether you are a first timer and worried about feeling intimidating, you are a weekend warrior, or you are even an athlete; semi-private group training can benefit all!

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